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Commercial Medical Air Transport Services Frankfurt, Germany to USA

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Frankfurt, Germany to the USA: We Bring Americans Home with Our Commercial Medical Escort Services

Do you have a medical condition and need to get back to the USA? If you are overseas and need to return to the United States with an injury or illness, US Medical Escorts can help you with commercial airline medical air transport experts—bringing Americans home from Frankfurt, Germany.

Why choose a commercial medical escort?

If you are looking for a cost-effective alternative to an air ambulance, US Medical Escorts is your solution. We will arrange a commercial airline medical escort for patients wanting to return home to the USA.

Here at US Medical Escorts, we use all the major airlines to ensure a safe, comfortable flight, including Delta, United, American, Lufthansa, British Airways, and Cathay Pacific.

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Comprehensive commercial medical escort services

Handling travel arrangements can be stressful when you have a medical condition. That is why we offer complete commercial airline medical escort services to take the burden off your shoulders and bring Americans home.

Our dedicated coordination personnel work with patients and families to design an itinerary that meets your specific needs. We handle the entire air transport process, from working with hospitals, social workers, and medical case managers to collaborating with global insurance and emergency medical assistance companies.


What you can expect during air medical travel

Before takeoff, a qualified air medical escort does a thorough physical evaluation to ensure you are healthy enough for airline travel.
During the flight, physicians, registered nurses, and paramedics will constantly monitor you, providing oxygen, medication, CPR, or other medical treatment options when needed. Our commercial airline medical escort will also be there to aid with meal assistance, hygiene, mobility, and other care concerns.
Upon arrival, our commercial stretcher will complete a thorough medical assessment to ensure there are no further complications. Our healthcare team will remain by your side until you reach your destination with complete medical air transport services.

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Leaders in the commercial medical air transportation industry

US Medical Escorts is an internationally and globally recognized medical air transport firm. We are trusted by governments, hospitals, and health insurers, as well as the travel and health insurance and financial sectors.

When it is time to come home, reach out to US Medical Escorts. We will support your return from Frankfurt, Germany to the USA.